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From 2022......

"What an amazing weekend!  You all were the most organized and well advertised event.  Lots of traffic and great communication.  My sales were high with so many new contacts and sweet people.  The variety in vendors was also great.  One of the best events I’ve been to and I’m looking forward to the spring.”

Jennifer White with Norwex


“Very professional. Very organized & structured. Excellent communication format. Excellent vendor support. Positive atmosphere.”

Don Starrette

"Thank you for keeping everyone posted with regular emails!  I love that you stay on top of communication." 

Meraki Macrame

“This event was my first and I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for this opportunity...The customers and vendors have been so friendly and sweet.  You ladies are wonderful and did a fantastic job!”

Craftin Crazy

“The MCAF markets are always amazing and so beneficial to our small business.”

Scout’s Barkery

“Overall great show!  Thank you all for your hard work!”

Liz’s Attic

“Well organized & well run!  Thank you!”

Mountain Charm

“Ladies, let me start off by saying thank you for all you do for this event.  The advertising, Facebook posts and lovely smiles makes me want to come back every year.  This was by far my best show!!”

Sparky’s Quilling Designs

“Had a great time!  Y’all do an awesome job!”

Vintage Lane

“We have loved the event!  The location was great & I feel like it drew a good crowd and the people came to shop!  We have met the best customers this weekend & the other vendors were so pleasant.”

Amanda & Carol with Mary Kay

“I appreciate all your efforts with the advertising & set-up. Everything was well organized.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve the community.”

Charity Music

“Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Fall event.  We truly enjoyed the event, the other vendors, and the excellent job that your team did in hosting the event.”

De novo Furnishings

“Best Show Ever!!”

Honey Hill Designs

“So far, it has been my best market!  You both do an amazing job!”

Theresa’s Famous Fudge

“I’m so very appreciative of all the hard work you two put into advertising for this event.  It’s astounding!”

Ruffles In The Mud

“Everything was wonderful as always.  Thank you Robin and Allyson for all your hard work and commitment to make it successful.”

Flags of Life

“Show was great and move-in was seamless. I’m impressed with the amount of advertising that is done for this show.  You do an amazing job for us!”

Weez’s Collectibles

“Thank you ladies for all your hard work and perseverance.”

Bridget Inscoe Designs

“Great Show.  You girls have really worked hard to make the show a success.” 

Stephie's Floral


....and Years Before

"Thank you both!!  You did such a wonderful job and we saw improvements throughout the market.  We had a very good show, and it was better than the Spring show.  It sounds like you are already coming up with some good ideas and changes.  I believe this Market will only get bigger and better!!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of it!  We plan to come back in the Spring! Thanks for everything you all did to make it a great show!"

The Lion and The Lamb Antiques

"These ladies are truly wonderful! Two of the kindest event coordinators I have ever met! I highly recommend Model City Antique & Flea!"

Randa’s Place 

"We want to come back in the Spring!  You are the nicest people ever to work with.  Thanks so much for choosing us!"  

Ole Roan Kettle Corn

"I want to thank you guys for a great show. It was well organized and we felt safe. Even most of the customers were practicing safe guidelines. We will put it on our schedule of shows to do. Again, thanks so much for all the hard work you all put in."

Crawford Antiques

"Robin and Allyson did a fantastic job this weekend and the event was great!  I think the show was a success for everyone involved.  Thanks for everything you do!"

Weez’s Collectibles

"You ladies execute each event so seamlessly and smoothly!  All of your vendors are lucky to have you two.  Thank you for all your hard work, it does not go unseen!"

East TN Coin Works

"Thank you for the wonderful experience! As a vendor, I commend you on the fabulous promotion of your events and great communication with us."

A Little Country

"Thank you Model City Antique & Flea and Kingsport, Tennessee shoppers for a great show!"

Rustic Collections

"Thank you so much for pouring your heart and soul into coordinating last weekend's event. I had a wonderful time!" 

Yellow Door Vintage

"We greatly appreciate your kindness!  As this was our first Kingsport event, we are very pleased with how folks welcomed and liked us - thanks to you!"  

JennDee Creations

"Thank you both for a fantastic two days. I have been to many, many events over the years this is the first time I have been welcomed with such love and awesome hospitality. I know both of you worked countless hours to make this happen. I had a very successful weekend, I'm looking forward to coming back in April!  This was a lot of hard work but it paid off.  I made a lot of new friends, and I got to see some old friends.  Please take care and enjoy some much-deserved rest!"

Blessings to the both of you,

Esther, ThisNThat

"Robin & Allyson,  you both do an exceptional job at putting on this event!  Thank you for all your hard work.  We look forward to being a part of the Spring Market next year!"  

Mama C’s Salsa

"Thank you ladies for all of your hard work and perseverance. I think your event turned out very well, and I was happy to be a part of it. You both have been very gracious, kind, and professional. I hope you and your families have a most wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. Stay healthy and may God bless as you move into a New Year and the joys and challenges it will bring."

Best wishes,

Gary Street, Author

"Thank you for having us.  It was a great success, and our sales were up by 50%!  Communication was great!  Thanks for all the hard work you do. It reflects in our sales and the customer traffic.  We enjoyed it all and hope to come back!"
Family Affair

"What a wonderful experience with Allyson and Robin! Can’t wait for the Spring Market event!"

Amanda Burke & Carol Berry, Mary Kay

"Thank you so much for having us!  The customers, the vendors, and you guys were just amazing! Thanks for all of the advertising and for putting together such a nice event."

4 Bees Honey


"Thank you for a wonderfully organized event! We enjoyed meeting everyone and the kindness extended was wonderful! Thank you for the goody bag - very thoughtful! The help from the teenagers (and Allyson’s husband!) to load up was very appreciated! Your compassion and dedication shines brightly!"

Grumpy Grizzly 

"It was fun to meet great people. A whole lot of work on everyone’s part. Thank you Robin, Allyson and all the behind the scene folks for a very well-run and safe event."

Lamps & Things by Alda 


"You all did a great job and were so welcoming. One of my favorite shows. I would love to do this one again. Thank you!"

Robin Waters, Tennessee Homemade

"THANK YOU!!!  Your event was extremely well organized. Obviously well advertised and I am thankful to have been included.  Please put me in as your Color Street rep in all your events."

Mitzi Hurd


"I came by yesterday and was so impressed..... I was so impressed with the quality of vendors/merchandise and everyone was so nice. Of course I had to make some purchases. Thank you for putting such a wonderful event together."


"Everything was set up so nice and easy to maneuver."


"Congratulations!! It was a great event!!"


"It was great!"

Robin K 

"Such a great show and we can’t wait for the Spring event!  It was a fun way to spend a girls day out!"

Jennifer P

"What a great way to spend a beautiful day shopping! We had such a good time roaming from room to room. Cannot wait until April 2021!"

Janet S

"A shout out to you @modelcityantiqueandflea for bringing such a marvelous market to our area.  The variety of vendors was impressive!  I'm already saving my $$ for Spring shopping at your event!" 


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